Marketing Executives

More than ever before, organizations of all sizes are interested in refining their marketing messages in order to introduce and sell their products. Any person interested in becoming a Senior Marketing Executive is aware of that and looking for leadership examples in the industry in order to build their own resumes.

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What Makes a Great Marketing Executive?

1. They are creative. They provide value to their clients by selling products and services with a unique twist and make their campaigns stand out among the competition.

2. They are unique. Their posture differentiates these special people in the marketplace and other companies start taking notice as well. Their superior positioning reduces their professional competition, which adds value by itself to their careers.

3. They are passionate. They strive to be the best in their profession. Their quest for constant being number one becomes evident to all other around them and they naturally rise to the top.

4. They are reliable. Their consistency, dependability, and professionalism makes all others on the team to deeply understand they can rely on this person.

What Does a Marketing Executive Do?

Their main responsibility is to plan, develop, and implement a marketing campaign. The goal of the campaign could be to create awareness of an issue, a product, a person, a service, anything that needs to be known.

This is done by determining a target audience, crafting a message that appeals to their hearts and minds, and communicate with them in order to develop a relationship between the client (or their product or services) and this selected audience.

When developing the campaign, marketing executives are expected to craft a message, meaning they must create engaging copy with proper grammar. It is important they have attention to detail.

When designing a brochure, letter, email, website, or ad, executives are also expected to work along designers, audio and video editors, and even web designers, in order to craft the visual aid that goes along with the message they want to communicate.

The results are measured by key performance indexes, or KPIs. Marketing executives have to determine and measure these KPIs, as well as to follow a budget, when developing and running a campaign. Nowadays, measuring KPIs has become easier within online media because it is simpler to measure actions such as likes on social media, visitors to a website, video views, and so on. It is possible even to understand at which part during a video when most users stop engaging with the content.

How Much Do They Earn?

The best professionals in the field can manage to ask for a participation in the profits derived from the campaigns they have crafted, so there is no ceiling to how much a good marketing executive can earn.