Multi-Purpoose Loans Available

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If you are interested in applying for a multi-purpose loans for any purpose
or have you been turned down by your local banks? or any financial

Here is a chance to get a loan from a private lender who is offering out
loans at an affordable interest rate of 3% P.A to 9% P.A.Why don't you give
it a trial and see if you would qualify for this multi-purpose loan.

For more information,kindly contact Hopkins Finance;

[email protected]

[email protected]
In need of bridging capital for work to be done for large chain group. Already received orders for work to be done.

Project orders to the value of +/- R350,000 - 00

Need R100 - 00 to complete projects.

Thank you.
I am an author of children educational books, although i am yet to trade due to capital, but i have published two of my books which were presented to schools around Alimosho Local Government in Lagos and was well accepted.

I currently have created 16 books for pre-nursery to Year two; covering numeracy and literacy, and one science book for year one. Knowing the problems faced by publishing companies in Nigeria because of lack of electricity, not forgetting copyright issues. As a result of this, most schools use foreign books, at most times isn’t consistently supplied due to lack of continuation of the importers bringing the books back the next section.

Having mentioned that, these books are created by me and i have spent years of my life making them, ensuring they comply to the educational schemes and the capital needed to bring these books is enoumous as I will need to employ marketers, rent a warehouse, shipping and logistics from China, where the books would be printed etc.

Statistically, I have done my research around selling books to schools in Lagos state alone. For example, there are 259 nursery/primary schools in Alimosho Local Government and 135 in Agege Local Government and average of 15-30 students in classes my books covered. These are schools registered with the government and there are several other unregistered schools and some in the process of being registered, which are not included in the statistics.

I already have a publisher to publish the series of my children educational books. I am looking for an investor to share the cost and the profit for just the next educational section, which is next year september. Please note that this is not a business partnership. I am happy if we can further discuss this. I will await a response from you if this is what you are looking to invest in.

Time is of the essence, the publisher is waiting.


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